These NEXRAD RADARs completes a 360° scan of multiple elevations every 6-12 minutes.  The RADAR images are produced with GRLevel 3 software and then uploaded immediately to this webpage.  Local image creation and upload takes only seconds.  This page auto-refreshes every 60 seconds whether or not the RADAR data has refreshed.  Please note time stamp on RADAR screen is in ZULU Time (GMT, EST+5), if the Zulu time and date in the lower right hand corner seems incorrect you can check the status of that RADAR systems on the two links below. The Robins AFB RADAR is a Level III systemColor Icon Legends may be found on the 3rd link below.  Below the KJGX display there is data from other Georgia RADARs that may be helpful in assessing what weather systems are potentially inbound to Central Georgia.

The following two NWS links below provide real-time status of all weather radar systems.

NWS Level II Radar Status

NWS Level III Radar Status

NWS Warning Lines Color Legend

GRLevelX Icons

Circle Legends from RedTeamWX

Robins AFB (KJGX)Georgia with NEXRAD antenna elevation at .5°

ATLANTA (KFFC)Georgia with NEXRAD antenna elevation at .5°

Moody AFB (KVAX)Georgia with NEXRAD antenna elevation at .5°

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